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Good News

I’m finally able to share the new that one of my scottish landscape images from last year was awarded a Commendation in The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016 competition.

Snow Lines

Congratulations to all the winners and fellow commendees. Do go and checkout the full results and amazing images at

Interestingly, I shot this images with Canon G1X MkII on the return leg of a hike where I was had already got what I thought were some good shots of some very scottish weather. As soon as I saw the sunlight hitting the snow fence and with the storm clouds in the valley below, I knew it would make a great black and white image. I converted the RAW image to black and white in Adobe Lightroom CC and applied some selective dodging and burning to recreate the picture I had in mind when first saw the fence in the sun.

So kudos to my Canon G1X MkII, it’s small enough to come everywhere with me, and the quality of the RAW files makes it a powerful tool to have on the waistband of my backpack whenever I’m out in the mountains.

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Where did all the old stuff go?

On the off chance that you’ve come here to find one of my older blog posts, you’ll be pleased to know that my original blog isstill up and running over on blogspot.

Some of the side-projects that started on that blog are still on-going, I’ll just be updating things like Free-lensing, Infrared Fungus and stranger photographic endeavours on here in the future.

The PortalType O Negative

Scenes Around The Wet PlatesLI2_4572.jpg

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