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Where did all the old stuff go?

On the off chance that you’ve come here to find one of my older blog posts, you’ll be pleased to know that my original blog isstill up and running over on blogspot.

Some of the side-projects that started on that blog are still on-going, I’ll just be updating things like Free-lensing, Infrared Fungus and stranger photographic endeavours on here in the future.

The PortalType O Negative

Scenes Around The Wet PlatesLI2_4572.jpg

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A new face

As you may have noticed, the old was way past it’s sell-by date. So moving onwards and upwards I have moved to wordpress and hopefully a more responsive solution.
This is a first test post as I get my head around the intiricacies of themes and their individual quirks. I should probably drop in an image or two as well, just to make sure that works.

Yes: image embedded. And feature/cover image added too, there’s no stopping this thing now…

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